Our Company

M.K.TECHNOLOGIES was established in the year 2007 by ceramic professionals aspiring to service of good quality ceramic raw materials.
M.K.TECHNOLOGIES is the one, concentrating the service in relating to Ceramic stains, Glaze materials, Ceramic raw materials provision. Our staff has in-depth knowledge and experience with products and tools to maximize color efficiency, intensity.

Quality Policy

The main aim of the company is to provide total customer satisfaction, by providing / rendering service in qualitative raw materials, sharing / hiring of technical services as a consultants, ceramic raw materials related job works as per customer advise, providing good quality, quantity of materials at competitive price, we are engaged in rapid growth thanks to the products featuring pure shade, strong intensity and constant stability, along with professional service.

Our Products

Ceramic Color materials are used on the glaze. Mid Glaze, Under Glaze and the glaze making up earth and blank body color materials.

They are the crystal solid powder made by mixing fully the color ions and the basic materials of the crystal structural materials and the suitable reaction at high temperature sintering under a certain condition.